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I very nearly missed taking this critical shot. Only a moment before, the guy who's mooning me had dropped his pants, bent over, and pointed at his beautiful butt. I know that he was trying to offend me, but the thing is, he was mooning someone who would have gladly paid him to pull down his pants in public. He was blond, fit, attractive, and proud of his ass, so what's not to like? Never in the wilds of my imagination would I have expected this to be on my travel calendar. I was happy to be present for his gesture especially since the effect wasn't likely what he'd intended, and I was thrilled to get it on film. It's clear I'd bothered him in a way that a Dutch citizen likely wouldn't have, but at the time, my focus was on the earnest, earthy, youthful, and uniquely masculine means by which he communicated with me from the deck of a canal boat on the far side of Prinsengracht.